Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 31 - Blog Challenge Last One... Tell a story of a first that you experienced in your life. Ex.) First time on a plane, first time you lost your tooth, first time you flew somewhere...

The first time I was on a plane, I fell asleep.
Time I lost my tooth, I was like "IM GOING TO GET MONEY!"
Time I flew somewhere, I was happy, then fell asleep.
All of the above, looks like it was done by a 1st grader. The end :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30 - Blog Challenge Write about something someone said or did that you'll never forget.

Something that someone said that I will never forget.
It was said by my mom, and it was this.

(IIf you dont learn/bring me good grades from school then I will hit you with a chancla)

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28 - Blog Challenge Write about FOOD...

Fancinating, because its awesome.
Omnipotent, having ultimate power and influence about you with what you do.
Onymous, Having a name... because food has no labels...
    (some random guy) Yes! Like deli, protein, vegatable
    (me) SHUT UP!
Delicous, why not!?

Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25 - Blog Challenge Tutorial: Teach your readers how to do something... anything!

I will teach you how to stop a car with just a finger... now this might seem impossible... but it can. All you have to do... is focus your strength into the finger you want, the pointer finger is preferable. Then, you tell the person to throw the car and make it go at you. You stopped it. You know why... because it was.. TOY CAR!

No, but for real. I will teach you something that you need in your life... dabbing. Pretend like you are going to sneeze, and then with your other finger point to the opposite direction that you are going to sneeze. So you sneeze, with your sleeve, then point to the other way. That is how you dab.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 24 - Blog Challenge Opinion Post: It's time for you to show off your opinionated side. You are simply going to state your opinion on something... anything! Make sure that you clearly state that this is an opinion, always remind your readers that this is the case.

An opinion I would discuss right now is a topic about practice makes perfect. My opinion... is that that is not true. I will persuade you of this within the limits of 1 sentence. Perfect, is not a real thing. So you are practicing something that is not real, you using your time to ditch family and friends to be better is worth nothing! Your time is is a lie... sorry :D!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 23 - Blog Challenge Write about a family member.

Okay... now.... what if you don't have family? What if everyone died... so anyway... A family member I am going to write about would be my dog. My dog is fun. She can run and play fetch. She is a chihuahua breed. And she is nice... NOT!
     Hello, my name is (something is Spanish that I don't know how to write). I am a chihuahua breed and I am 3 years old! I am black with brown hair around the eyes, and feet. I am very highly hyper, like to eat Kibble. I also tend to bite things, but my owner still likes me and forgives me! I would actually write 5 friends here because family is more than blood, but I won't... for some reason :).

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22 - Blog Challenge Write about your closest friend OR write about a childhood friend.

A childhood friend I had was back in the old day when the Nintendo DsI was new. I was like 7.  And my neighbor was a kid named Anthony Vazquez or something like that. And he had a huge outdoor pool and I was so short that looking at it made me dizzy. Anyway... me and him played on the Ds, we played some Mario and Sonic games, we played mario party, we had sleepovers... that was life! Then his mom would make us pancakes with blueberries! Until... I moved, so that was it.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 19 - Blog Challenge Finish the sentence: "If I could choose a time to live, it would be __________________."

If I could choose a time to live, it would be in the future. I say this because they will have robots that would do everything! (Even take down the human race) Their would be tubs that will fill up on their own. Their would be fast, and free Wi-Fi, no-one would starve to death because everyone would have food to spare so their would be a community buffet. Their would be more homeless shelters to help those who are more in need. Their would be no more suffering of sickness because we would already find a cure. No more sad dog/cat/animal abuse commercials. RPG will actually be... you playing INSIDE of the game! This would be way better! Their would be a way for people to get money/get affordable insurance... Trump won't be elected presidents because of the robots. And the FLDSMDFR will actually be a real thing! (sunny with a chance of meatballs invention reference) These are some of the reasons of why I would want to live in the future... but think about it. 1 second ago when you started to read this... it was the past, and now you are living the future... therefore I say that their is no "present" unless you refer to it in a monthly, weekly, yearly, or era type of way.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Post a favorite quote. Write about why this is meaningful to you.

     I like this quote because many people look for excesses. And many excesses are totally weird, and far fetched! This is also one of my favorite quotes because back then (and maybe a little bit now) clumsy and used to look for excesses. This is a bit entertaining, too.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 16 - Blog Challenge What are three things that you can definitely live WITHOUT?

Three things I can definitely live without...

People (To laugh at when they fail/trip)
A camera and youtube with WiFi (To record the people failing and tripping and get more views than fail army)
Same things as blog 15.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 15 - Blog Challenge What are three things that you can't live without?

Three Things I can't live without
  1. Food and Water
  2. Wifi
  3. People
I would need food and water so I won't starve. I don't plan on being a cannibal because I would have food. And Water so I won't die of dehydration.
I would need WiFi so I could watch videos or play games. What would I do while the people come and rescue me? Survive like Katniss?! HA! NOT! I will play clash of clans, some cod, which Is why I would need WiFi and technology. Also I need technology to cook the food!
People, I need people to talk to, to learn their stories (To eat them if I lose all food, about to die of starvation, and the people didn't rescue me yet!)
These are all the reasons why I can't live with these 3 things! I also by accident brought in the Apocalypse... like this... click me to see the daily video+joke.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 13 - Blog Challenge What is your biggest pet peeve? What most bothers you?

Something... that finds me annoying... well... let me make a list!
  1. People that eat with their mouth open
  2. People that talk about topics that I don't like to talk about
"Do fireflies bite?"
"They don't."
"But what happens if they do?"
      4.  Ryan...
      5. People that tell stories, and finish half way.

These are some things that bothers me the most!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12 - Blog Challenge Currently I'm... Reading... Eating... Loving... Hating... Smelling... Thinking...

I'm reading After Ever After. I'm reading this because of of B.O.B! (Battle, Of, the Books) Which I currently don't know where I left it (Great job!) so I was reading it!
I'm Eating NOTHING! Because your not allowed to eat with your computer out. So this question is "a trap" (Click "a trap" to see the "it's a trap" thing and learn the truth about smoking)
I'm Loving IT! (High-Fives my self!) I am! Because their was this 2=$5 Big Macs! (Fatty!) (HEY! DON"T CALL ME THAT!) (EAT AT MCDONALD'S MUCH?!?)  (I HAVE NO TIME TO TALK TO YOU! YOU BULLY!) (AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?!) (I'M GOING TO REPORT YOU ON STOP !T) anyway... yeah... there's my pun and joke for the day!
I'm Hating nothing. Hate is a strong word.. just like love. (NOT! I AIN'T GOING TO GO INTO THIS STUFF) I am currently hating spiders, because I saw this spider in the ceiling of my room right? So I go to the closet to get my shoes (Because I ain't going to slay a spider with my Jays...) so then when I came back the spider was gone! So I was like ....this....I'm out....this...I'm out....yeeaaahh, i don't what the.... just happened! So... that's what I'm hating
I'm Smelling the smell of burnt pancakes. (I'm doing this after I ate... so HA!) That's it.
I'm Thinking, if I forgot to do any homework.
THANKS! I guess that's it!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Blog 13-Alternative Ending

 Jonas found the strength to move on because and quote from the book page 164 "Jonas felt more and more certain that the destination lay ahead of him, very near now in the night that was approaching"-unquote, he felt it... so he kept going. He went so far... that he didn't want to give up now.
 The Brief encounter that he had with sunshine made him and Gabe Warmer which gave him the warmth during the cold to keep moving.
Jonas was so certain because of the memories that he had. (That is it...)

Hello... here is my Alternative Ending

Behind him, across vast distances of space and time from the place he had left he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo...
Ending 1:
As the downhill ended he carried Gabe with the last bit of strength he had. As he approached the door he tried to knock... 1 knock, 2 knock, then he fell back first. He was on the verge of death with Gabe still freezing and hungry... no hungry wasn't the word he said to himself. He feels what I am now, starving. A human figure opened the door and yelled a shriek. This was a woman. Jonas then woke up in a couch, with blankets on him, and soup on his lap. He looked around and saw what he saw something different than the what memory looked like... it was... somewhat empty. He saw as was the house that he knocked on. Their appeared to be a Woman, a Man, and two children. A family unit, thought Jonas.
"GABE!" He yelled, he remembered that he had to care for Gabriel.
"The Child? He is here..." the woman gave Jonas Gabe, covered and wrapped in a blanket.
"Are you okay mister?" Asked the child that seemed the youngest... the girl looked at him with eyes of pity or sorry.
"Uh... Yes. Thank You, I am sorry for being and interrupting this! I am sorry, please forgiv-"
"You don't have to apologize, you didn't do anything wrong. You saved your 'Gabe'. My name is Margret." Jonas then knew what she was... she was the "Mother".
"I'm Noah, we have to ask you if your okay. Where are you from?" The father... thought Jonas.
"I'm Felisha" said the Older girl.
"I'm Shaquisha," said the little one.
"I'm Jonas." Jonas lifted himself up and grabbed soup and fed Gabe. The mother started to cry.
"Sorry if I had made you sad... please forgive me."
"No... it's not that... but you look so much like our son... if we still had him."
"It's okay mister!" Said the little one.
"When we had our baby boy we were happy. We watched you grow.... then, when you turned 5 some people came and took him away from us and we never saw them again. But it wasn't just our child they took, they also took from everyone in this village." Said Noah.
"Our child... he had a birth mark... on the right of his neck..." Margret started to cry again. I have weird mark on my nec... wait a minute.
"Mother? Father?" Jonas started to feel so many emotions now... like confusion and curiosity. He showed them the mark and his neck... the parents burst to tears saying how much they missed him. Jonas was confused even more again... until the Older sister that appears to be the same age as him showed him her a doll.
"This was mine... my Big Brother gave it to me when we were little.."
His mind had flashes... he remembered that this was his true family, he remembered that this was his village... his family. He grabbed Gabe, placed him on the couch as Gabe fell asleep, Jonas hugged his family, cried, and felt something that was true... He felt Love. Meanwhile back in the community... the people were getting ready for the ceremony. The Giver opened the doors and spoke the truth to the people.
"You are all brainwashed by this person", he pointed at the chief Elder in rage "That person is the cause for all of this, their used to be music, and color!"
"What's color... what music?" People started asking.
"This 'Giver' lost it... He's a crazy man!"
"You know what you DID! Then The Giver Ran up to the Chief elder... who snapped her fingers and security guards came and took the giver to the room... but not just any room... the Release room.
"This feels familiar... oh yeah I remember... don't you?" Said the Elder in a mischievous tone. The Giver's Eye's Opened in fear... and anger for he knew what she meant.
"I... Killed... Rosemary." Said the Elder.
"No... she... she injected herself!"
"With my order... my hypnotic order..."
"You... you...yo..." The Giver's Voice was Cut off. He was released. He was dead, but most importantly, he was Murdered. The Giver saw with his second of life... a memory of Rosemary... the giver transmitted all the memories to the Elder all at once... after doing so... he died, his last minute of death. He used his time to transmit the memories from him to the Elder.
"AAAAAHHHH!" The Elder shrieked, and screamed.
The Giver's last breath..."Have these memories."
The Giver had giving the Elder all of the terrible memories.
"HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME!NO!NO!NO!PLEASE HAVE MERCY! HAVE MERCY! HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL" was yelled by the Elder... her justice was served. The Giver was walking, with Rosemary talking where it truly was... Elsewhere. 

Option 2, this Ghost VIllage!
Behind him, across vast distances of space and time from the place he had left he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo...

Jonas kept going and trailed off with the urge of keeping Gabriel warm.
"Hello?" Asked Jonas with a Bashful tone,
"Pepo!!!" (Pee-po) said Jonas in a petrified feeling.
Then Jonas Felt a nudge in his hair, he felt something stroke his hair, smoothly, calmly, it was eerie. Jonas looked at Gabe and thought, wait a minute... If Jona's Arms are here... then who is touching my hair.
"He's a human!" Said a voice, it was a teen! Jonas exclaimed. he turned to his left and he felt the voice vibrations... a laughter.
"Hehehe... he's scared!" This was a girl!  Jonas then squinted and saw nothing. Then he heard another voice!
"Seeing isn't believing." Said a old voice, Jonas then had a memory of something... ghost. In his memories they were pranks... but this felt more real... like a reality t.v show he thought. Then he remembered a reality t.v show Maybe this is a reality t.v show... maybe... I'm in that one reality t.v show. I'm In "Keeping up with the Kardashians!" Yeah! I'm in that show!
"Are you guys the Kardashians!?" Said Jonas cheerfully and full of expectation and hope of him being in the show.
"I'm the Ghost of Time Past" Said the little girl still giggling.
"I'm the ghost of Time Present" said the teenager ghost who was also a female, which man... isn't she pretty.
"I'm the ghost of Time Future... and no... we are not from that one movie with Jim Carrey. And no, we will not haunt you, and no, the chicken was first, the chicken was created, then the egg was brought up after."Said the old grandma with that wisdom like voice.
 "I'm Jonas," this is Gabe, "where are you people... I can't see you."
"You must believe in us..." said the Ghost of Future. Then Jonas blinked, and believed. Then He saw Gabe disappeared from his arms and chest. He could now see the ghost.
"Where's Gabe?" Jonas said... no... yelled... in a demanding but frightened tone.
"We killed him... that is the price of seeing us" said the Teen, then ghost of Past, Present, and Future laughed. 
"Hehehe, were kiding you human! He's here... in this crib. You are not allowed to touch the crib or him." Said Past. Dying of laughter.
"Why not?! He's mine! Not yours!"
"If you do... then he will die. This Child disappeared from you... because he isn't allowed to see us ghost. If He does then the worst prophesied will happen. He Will become the demon. We will fear the beast with just one eye."
"Okay, I want him back!"
"Then you must get the items. We will teach you magic of time." Said Future.
3 years passed, the year is 1980. One 1 year away from the day that will spark the evil. Jonas went from different time periods to do some things. The items were actually tasks. He had to make himself look like a photographer to make sure that Mabel will get her hair stuck on gum, himself to look like a teacher to make sure that Dipper didn't get any valentines. Made Sure that The Mystery Twins would go to Gravity Falls. And Why? Because the ghosts were none other than demons. Jonas didn't know. All of the events of gravity falls happened. Gabe was made into a demon by the ghost which became none other than Bill. The Demon with Just One Eye. When Jonas knew about it, he and Bill (Demon version of Gabe) battled, ending up going millions of years back in time, Jonas then taught the people how to seal bill away, and in doing so he used the generations of Dipper, Mabel, and everyone from the Bill Cipher Wheel, all the trap Bill. Jonas then decided that it would be better to go back in time to undo everything so he went to see what happened back in the community. The People rioted, their was destruction every where it was the apocalypse! He then went back in time to see everything, if Jonas never left, then he would've still been alive. Which meant that Gabe Would die. Which means that if Gabe was dead then that would make the people know about what happened. Then the people would go to the giver and stop him before he did anything to himself, but no... the giver died. Every one then targeted back their anger and confusion on the Chief Elder, who which died of stress. With no leader people would die, then without the chief Elder the weather blockings were unlocked. The Chief elder's life was the lock to no weather, it was January. The Cold of the outside and the heat from inside made a tornado, which then followed more natural disasters. Jonas couldn't undo what he had done. So he ended up not doing anything at all.
The End... or is it?

March 11 - Blog Challenge Write about your favorite article of clothing (post a pic if you can). Describe it. Explain why it's your favorite.

I have so many that I would list them
1. The sponge bob meme here -->
This one of my favorite pictures because it is so true! This is me when I think about something for a minute and the teacher starts asking questions. This was also me in 4th period when we were taking notes and I was thinking about pancakes.
2. This meme right here-->
This is another favorite picture. This is another relatable picture because many people are like... I went to the mall, or I went to this place. And I'm like... bro! I just went to the park. Anyway, this is relatable in my point of view... which is Why it's in my top 5! It's in my top 5 (five) because it's relatable, it's funny (if it isn't for you... then... this might not be funny at all for you) , and also... IT"S SpongeBob! Who doesn't like him?! This is my conclusion to Meme #2!
These are some of the memes/pictures that are my favorite... more to come... but these are just a few!

Chapter 12: Famous now... death nobody... or nobody now... and famous after you die?

     I want to be a nobody now, and become famous after my death. When you die... their are more years to come... more time to be remembered. You don't and never know when you'll die... unless... your being murd.... er I mean... "neutralized" by a person that tells you that you are going to be "neutralized". You could die doing something important, or your death can make a person's life change for the great or good.... then if it's bad then their will be a good to defeat the bad and the good would become famous because of your death. When your famous... most of the time you have money. Or V.I.P things... or a Golden Jot or something. You could be killed, someone can make your "own will" (which would be fake) which would mean that the person would have all of your belongings.
     These are most of the reasons why I think that it is better to be a nobody now... and become famous after you die, then to be Famous now... and when you die your a  nobody. Here are people that became famous when they died:
  1. . He was a painter, architect and sculptor during the Spanish Renaissance. He continued to travel and create but soon he lost his place in society after lacking the King's Favor. In 1614 he died because of an illness.When he was alive people grabbed his art and put it to the side, and was often criticized only because he was "different."His art and style was dramatic and most people called his art "ridiculous" and "worthy of scorn" (Scorn- Noun, the feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable). Then in the 20th century he became famous and people see that he was ahead of the time.  

  1. Vincent Van Gogh. He was a painter, who mainly drew portraits, self portraits, landscapes, olive trees and cypresses, wheat fields and sunflowers. Born March 10, 1853 and died July 29, 1890.
     These are some of the many people that became famous after death. Which supports the reason of what I think I would be... famous after you die.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10 - Blog Challenge If I ran the world...

If I ruled the world then Then I would cut the price of collage by 1/3, all medications would be provided to those without health plans. Every Fridays would be national Fry Days, fries would be 1/3 off price!Tuesday would be known as... taco day, where you can get 1 free taco from any taco place when you get  3 tacos! If I ran the world then I would make the loved one's close and my enemies closer... to jail! Somewhere around the Bermuda Triangle! Then... I would get tired with the world problem's and give up and move to Canada! And that is what would happen If I ruled the world... "Song"!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9 - Blog Challenge What is the biggest "fib" (lie) that you've ever told?

The Biggest Lie I have Ever told... Is that I am fine.
     Now this might sound really deep... but it's true. Some people say that if your fine and I say I am so they could leave me alone. When I say this, I don't mean when I fell or got hit or something... I am actually telling the truth. Once you get used to emotional pain, physical pain is nothing compared to it. Many times something bad has happened, or something sad like in my other blog that I said... if you want to see that you you can click "here" to check it out. My dog (Chihuahua) had puppies one time, and before you say anything... no, they did not die... or anything... except for 2 things that you will find out in the end of my tale. So my dog had a baby boy. We (Mom, step sisters, and I) went to the mall, and when we came back we saw a puppy that was a boy. But... when we saw it... something was off... if wasn't moving. My sister had this thing that she had trouble breathing, so we had a machine that gave oxygen to whoever is wearing the small mask connected to the machine. We tried that... it didn't work. The first child that my dog had died. The other sad part was when it had children... again. I was actually their like... a after they had been born, I would say that I was in school while it happened. I came home, and saw them. So I took care of them, every morning and every afternoon I would use my time to play with them, then I was their when they opened their eyes, and when they started to walk. But... then after all that I thought that each one of us (Me, and my two little sisters) was going to own a puppy, well... then I was told to bring the puppies to the car... so I got happy and each one of us (the kids{me and sisters}) each held one that we each liked. So we were waiting to see where we were going to go... to the pet shop. They sold the 3 puppies, all those moment making them who they are... wasted. They were all gone. I cried, we all cried (by all I mean the 3 kids) then my step-dad (Who went and sold them{My mom knew about this... so... they knew}) told up to not cry. That we had $150 dollars now.
Antonio (Me): "Really... don't cry!?!"
Step-Dad: "I could give you each $50 and we could go right now and buy a game."
Antonio (Me): "My time... my happiness... it's all worth $50?"
After I told him that... he gave my two step sisters $75 dollars each (which would be taken away from them anyway). He stopped talking to me for a whole week. I was mad at him, then I knew what was the problem. I grew on to the puppies which is why I cried when we had to say bye. So then I said something to myself so I won't have to re-live this pain over and over again... "Don't get Attached... the more attached you are to someone/something, the harder it is to say good-bye." And this isn't the first time I felt this pain... I had moved 3 times... I made so many friends... and all were said good-bye. This Lie... got deep... and if I made you cry... then forgive me... and don't pity me... I don't need pity or "I'm sorry for you"... because that will show that you care at least a little bit... and I don't want me to ruin your day... So this is the biggest Lie I have ever told... which is one my top 3 things that I don't tell anyway unless those people are special... but this one... is #3, the least sad or tragic of them all. Thank You and again... I'm Sorry If I made you cry.

Blog 12: Legacy

What Do You Want to Be Known For?
     I want to be known for... being the guy that brought a cure... or that guy that did something that someone thought was impossible. I feel like you have no limits to what you can do in your life. This is what life is about... it's about "life", but it's about what you do with it. If I want to use my time in my Life to train for the Iron Man or whatever that thing was... I could do that. If I wanted to make a new element in the periodic table of elements... then I have to do whatever I have to do to make it. Not only that but this should be something good, something worth remembering, not like sad and tragic events in the History of man kind... such as natural disasters, terrorists, money loss, etc. this is what I think my Legacy should be that one guy that found the cure for this one thing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8 - Blog Challenge What is your cure for sadness?

The cure to my sadness;
     1. Let me be with my best friends for a long time.
     2. Get me food/watch a movie/do some sort of activity
     3. If all of the above fails... then give me music
     4. If EVERYTHING fails... then leave me alone... for a while


 How To Get Me Sad
     1. Animal, human, etc abuse is sad.
     2. Someone tripping and dropping their food
     3. Anything involving money issues
     4. Be my Best Friend, then move to a different school, or move out of my life in general.
Thank You for reading this!

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7- 3Songs your "In Love With"

Here Are My Top 3! (I messed up though, 1 is least and 3 is most... Watch... I'm a bit tired and yes... Click on the name of the song to listen to it!)
1.Immortals by Fall Out Boy
     I like this song because it gives off that vibe that says and quote from the song "They say we are what we are, but we don't have to be"-Unquote, this part of the song tells you that you don't need to follow the label that people give you. This is why my song is on the top 3!
2.How Far We've Come by MatchBox 20
    "Let's see how far we've come", quote from the song lyrics, this song is something that you would listen to in a graduation, or when you are done completing something. This song's vibe is "wow you did it! You should take time off! What else are you going to do?" This is why my song is on the top 3!
3.Victorious by Panic at the Disco
     "Tonight we are victorious! Champagne pouring over us. All my friends were glorious!" This is saying that they have won! That They have that thing! Champagne is a drink you drink in a special occasion. Pouring over us... like Gatorade in a football game if your team won!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6- List 5 places you want to visit in your lifetime...

     I want to go to Japan for many reasons. One reason why I want to go to Japan is to try their Black Ice Cream. I also want to go to Japan to see the the Cherry Blossoms bloom in early spring.

     I want to go to Paris to try their croissants, Pizza (it originated from their/the area around them), and to visit the Eiffel Tower.

3.L.A (Los Angeles)
     I want to go to L.A because many famous and popular people live their! Also to see the Hollywood Sign.

     I want to go to Rome to visit the Colosseum, where people fought battles for entertainment.

    I want to go to Cancun because
  1. It's in Mexico
  2. It's said to be beautiful
  3. These attractions... 
Xel-Ha Park (Natural Aquarium)
 Xcaret Park (Archaeological park)
Coba (Ruins, beach, zip line)
Sistema Dos Ojos (Flooded cave system, dive site)
Belize Barrier Reef (Scuba Diving, coral reefs)

And these are the places I want to visit and why!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5- Finish this statement: "I wish I understood why..."

     I wish I understood why people do drugs, or dumb things... even if they know that it's bad for them. I Wish I knew this because drugs are the main points of death. Drink and drive.. you crash and die. Sniff something into your body, you will harm your organs. People smoke, damages their lungs. Many people die of this... many people deal their stress with this... this is one of the worst ideas. In 2010 the profits of 6 leading tobacco companies was (In the U.S) $35.1 billion! Which is equal to the profit combined with Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and McDonald's in the same year. All of those companies, with their profits put together, equals 6 leading tobacco companies... this is a lot! This is how much money people are wasting. And it's not only the money they are wasting but also time of their life.
     I also wonder this because so many tragedies could come and have come for this. People are killed for drugs. An unarmed teenager was using Marijuana and a psychedelic drug when he was shot by Arlington, Texas by a police officer in August 7. This was one incident that could've been avoided if Taylor (The name of the boy) wasn't doing marijuana! This is why drugs are bad for the people and society.

Friday, March 4, 2016

March 4- Blog about someone who fascinates you and why...

Someone that fascinates me is Donald Trump. And what fascinates me about him is how good he is doing. That being said... get ready to move out of the U.S! Here is a Picture of him brought to you by Julio Torres
Antonio: "You did..."
Julio:*Does what it says in the video*
Antonio: *Laughs to hard he dies by lack of oxygen*
Anyway, Here is why...
That Up their... says how many Mexicans are in the U.S, Now...  know that it was in 2013, but think about how many are here now! Facing the fact that he wants to take away/move all the Mexicans without papers back to Mexico. I am wowed, that people actually agree with Trump. If he has good Ideas... then I don't know... but he is something. Donald Trump... if you are reading this... then I didn't mean it XD! This is about someone who fascinates me... and that is also why!

Blog 11, Reactoin to Release

     Chapters 18 and 19 were really intense. We learned about the failure which was Rosemary, and we end up knowing that she signed up to be released. Then in chapter 19 we learned what "release" is... it's when you are injected with some sort of liquid and then... die. I myself didn't feel anything (I don't know how... but I fell messed-up!) And I felt (in chapter 18) that the story that they gave Rosemary was great. It had what every super villain had (not saying that she's bad or anything...) a sad backstory and then something in the process that makes them go berserk and do a action that inflicts the area/community on them and in this scenario it was killing suicide. Well... it technically was suicide because she said that she wanted to inject herself in... and she did. I felt like they did a good job at making the story sad... well... at least somewhat sad.
Some Random Person: "Chill,"
Me: "OKAY!!!! ERG, I mean... okay."
     The community is messed up, it's possessed! Jonas, you're community is possessed sorry >u<! The community decided... oh they look like each other... instead of putting them elsewhere or in different communities lets just kill them and put them in a carton. (Well, that's what I think because I got confused when the book mentioned a carton.)This is what I think about the community. I say that the way that they control the climate, clear the landscapes so that it will all be flat, make everyone equal, and even take away memories! Not to mention that they do everything for you! SO YES! This society is messed up and it deserves to come to it's end.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 3- Something (somethings) that really scare you

When Brock, Misty, and Ash part ways going in their own separate roads
I will list them from 1- being most scared of... to 10, being least scared of

10- Boats, and Airplanes (They might have a problem and crash!)
9- BUGS! INSECTS! AND SPIDERS! (I'm more scared of a fuzzy spider than a alligator)
6-CHILDHOOD SONGS SUCH AS Mary had a little lamb, etc. (Listening to them in the dark)
5-The Dark... not the dark in general, but WHAT HIDES IN THE DARK!
4- A world without Wi-Fi
3- Donald Trump Turning President
2- My mom
1- Losing my Friends

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2: Blog Challenge

    5 Ways that anyone can "win your heart" 

1. Has to have a good sense of  comedy, and a idea of fun
2. Has to be nice, generous, honest  and mature
3. Needs to be willing to tell the truth... even if it's the truth is bad
4. Must be willing to help out or sacrifice time to help me in my needs
5. Has to be Responsible!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1- Blog Challenge

(Fact 2) Me before I hit the clown with the bat

Fact 1: When I was in 1st grade... I thought that Patrick's Day was to celebrate Patrick Star from SpongeBob.

Fact 2: When I was in 5th grade I went to fright fest and whacked a  killer clown with my "bat" (that I bought) because he was stalking me.

Fact 3: I got myself locked out of my house for 2hrs.

Fact 4: I got lost... during black Friday when I was 7... in a mall :(

Fact 5: I've had a total of 9 Ds's in my childhood, 4 phones (5 if you include the one I'll get Near the end of March), and I've almost drowned a total of 4-5 times

Blog 10: Understanding Is Up and Ready

Seeing the text from Jonas's p.o.v contribute to my understanding and opinion of his community really changes my p.o.v because of his memories that he received. He makes the community seem like the as if they were hiding something from them or from us for the state being! He wants everything to come back to the way it was... except for everyone else because they don't know how it was. Everyone except for "The Giver", but everyone else is... like hypnotized without even knowing it. Or... baby puppies trying to run away! They are blind, and didn't develop their sight, or their walking until 2 to 3 weeks.