Monday, April 18, 2016

When is there dignity in silence?

     Dignity in silence, could be in school, or even life in general! When you're a child you learn not to talk back, "respect with your ears, not your mouth"-said the wise Cesar Rendon at 1:49pm. Anyway, a sign of respect is doing what you're told to. In Jackie Robinson's case, he had to take in all the verbal attacks. Punches make bruises, but they fade away. Words make bruises, that are permanent and drill into your heart, mind, and soul (Unless you have amnesia, and is Mr. Mime and have no soul{reference to something}) which wont fade away. He had to withstand the words of other people to do something he loved. Many people respect him, for example:
Jackie Robinson: You want a player who doesn't have the guts to fight back?
Branch Rickey: No. I want a player who's got the guts *not* to fight back.
Jackie Robinson: You give me a uniform, you give me a number on my back, I'll give you the guts.
Which is an quote from the movie. This leaded up to any race to be able to play any sport!
     For example, when someone calls you a name, you have 2 options. Fight back, or walk away. If you chose to fight back, then you and the person are in trouble. If you walk away, they might keep calling you names. These are some reasons of when there dignity in silence.

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