Monday, April 25, 2016

Questions for Jackie Robinson

            Based on the first paragraph I think that this person wrote the article because he felt the need to be popular! He wanted everyone to know who he was! Or, he knew that many people didn’t know what this was, or when it was, or even knew this existed. This he saw as a opportunity, to show people what this was. This is why I think that this is the reason why the person wanted to write this article, to show and inform many people about this one important part into History, regarding the Color Barrier.
            The main idea of this article is too talk about how in 1945 a thing called the Color Barrier was “demolished.” I say this because of paragraph 3, when it says and quote- “In 1945, Branch Rickey, president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers…”-Unquote. I also say this because it even does mention the color barrier and it’s ”break” in the same paragraph.
            The color barrier prevented black players from playing in the mayors because of the civil war. This can be proven Thorley in paragraph 3, the first sentence it said and quote- “American baseball because popular during the Civil War.”
            Jackie Robinson’s college statics at UCLA and his accomplishments with the Kansas City Monarchs important information for Branch Rickey because this was because the “white people” thought that “N****” (the N word is the term that they used to describe “blacks”) couldn’t play ball, or that they are quick tempered. Jackie Robinson’s college statics at UCLA and his accomplishments with the Kansas City Monarchs was important to show and prove them wrong.
            It was important to Mr. Rickey that Jackie Robinson had a strength of character because it said and quote in paragraph 6, sentence 4 quote-“Rickey was testing whenever my father would have the strength of character to fight back with his bat rather than his fist”-Unquote.
            Jackie Robinson succeeded in breaking barriers in the MLB, this can be proven with the last paragraph quote- “It took 13 long seasons before every MLB team had at-least one African-American player on it’s roster. Today the MLB players come from around the world and continue to break barriers of culture, language, race, and religion.”

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