Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9 - Blog Challenge What is the biggest "fib" (lie) that you've ever told?

The Biggest Lie I have Ever told... Is that I am fine.
     Now this might sound really deep... but it's true. Some people say that if your fine and I say I am so they could leave me alone. When I say this, I don't mean when I fell or got hit or something... I am actually telling the truth. Once you get used to emotional pain, physical pain is nothing compared to it. Many times something bad has happened, or something sad like in my other blog that I said... if you want to see that you you can click "here" to check it out. My dog (Chihuahua) had puppies one time, and before you say anything... no, they did not die... or anything... except for 2 things that you will find out in the end of my tale. So my dog had a baby boy. We (Mom, step sisters, and I) went to the mall, and when we came back we saw a puppy that was a boy. But... when we saw it... something was off... if wasn't moving. My sister had this thing that she had trouble breathing, so we had a machine that gave oxygen to whoever is wearing the small mask connected to the machine. We tried that... it didn't work. The first child that my dog had died. The other sad part was when it had children... again. I was actually their like... a after they had been born, I would say that I was in school while it happened. I came home, and saw them. So I took care of them, every morning and every afternoon I would use my time to play with them, then I was their when they opened their eyes, and when they started to walk. But... then after all that I thought that each one of us (Me, and my two little sisters) was going to own a puppy, well... then I was told to bring the puppies to the car... so I got happy and each one of us (the kids{me and sisters}) each held one that we each liked. So we were waiting to see where we were going to go... to the pet shop. They sold the 3 puppies, all those moment making them who they are... wasted. They were all gone. I cried, we all cried (by all I mean the 3 kids) then my step-dad (Who went and sold them{My mom knew about this... so... they knew}) told up to not cry. That we had $150 dollars now.
Antonio (Me): "Really... don't cry!?!"
Step-Dad: "I could give you each $50 and we could go right now and buy a game."
Antonio (Me): "My time... my happiness... it's all worth $50?"
After I told him that... he gave my two step sisters $75 dollars each (which would be taken away from them anyway). He stopped talking to me for a whole week. I was mad at him, then I knew what was the problem. I grew on to the puppies which is why I cried when we had to say bye. So then I said something to myself so I won't have to re-live this pain over and over again... "Don't get Attached... the more attached you are to someone/something, the harder it is to say good-bye." And this isn't the first time I felt this pain... I had moved 3 times... I made so many friends... and all were said good-bye. This Lie... got deep... and if I made you cry... then forgive me... and don't pity me... I don't need pity or "I'm sorry for you"... because that will show that you care at least a little bit... and I don't want me to ruin your day... So this is the biggest Lie I have ever told... which is one my top 3 things that I don't tell anyway unless those people are special... but this one... is #3, the least sad or tragic of them all. Thank You and again... I'm Sorry If I made you cry.

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