Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7- 3Songs your "In Love With"

Here Are My Top 3! (I messed up though, 1 is least and 3 is most... Watch... I'm a bit tired and yes... Click on the name of the song to listen to it!)
1.Immortals by Fall Out Boy
     I like this song because it gives off that vibe that says and quote from the song "They say we are what we are, but we don't have to be"-Unquote, this part of the song tells you that you don't need to follow the label that people give you. This is why my song is on the top 3!
2.How Far We've Come by MatchBox 20
    "Let's see how far we've come", quote from the song lyrics, this song is something that you would listen to in a graduation, or when you are done completing something. This song's vibe is "wow you did it! You should take time off! What else are you going to do?" This is why my song is on the top 3!
3.Victorious by Panic at the Disco
     "Tonight we are victorious! Champagne pouring over us. All my friends were glorious!" This is saying that they have won! That They have that thing! Champagne is a drink you drink in a special occasion. Pouring over us... like Gatorade in a football game if your team won!

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