Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6- List 5 places you want to visit in your lifetime...

     I want to go to Japan for many reasons. One reason why I want to go to Japan is to try their Black Ice Cream. I also want to go to Japan to see the the Cherry Blossoms bloom in early spring.

     I want to go to Paris to try their croissants, Pizza (it originated from their/the area around them), and to visit the Eiffel Tower.

3.L.A (Los Angeles)
     I want to go to L.A because many famous and popular people live their! Also to see the Hollywood Sign.

     I want to go to Rome to visit the Colosseum, where people fought battles for entertainment.

    I want to go to Cancun because
  1. It's in Mexico
  2. It's said to be beautiful
  3. These attractions... 
Xel-Ha Park (Natural Aquarium)
 Xcaret Park (Archaeological park)
Coba (Ruins, beach, zip line)
Sistema Dos Ojos (Flooded cave system, dive site)
Belize Barrier Reef (Scuba Diving, coral reefs)

And these are the places I want to visit and why!

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