Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5- Finish this statement: "I wish I understood why..."

     I wish I understood why people do drugs, or dumb things... even if they know that it's bad for them. I Wish I knew this because drugs are the main points of death. Drink and drive.. you crash and die. Sniff something into your body, you will harm your organs. People smoke, damages their lungs. Many people die of this... many people deal their stress with this... this is one of the worst ideas. In 2010 the profits of 6 leading tobacco companies was (In the U.S) $35.1 billion! Which is equal to the profit combined with Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and McDonald's in the same year. All of those companies, with their profits put together, equals 6 leading tobacco companies... this is a lot! This is how much money people are wasting. And it's not only the money they are wasting but also time of their life.
     I also wonder this because so many tragedies could come and have come for this. People are killed for drugs. An unarmed teenager was using Marijuana and a psychedelic drug when he was shot by Arlington, Texas by a police officer in August 7. This was one incident that could've been avoided if Taylor (The name of the boy) wasn't doing marijuana! This is why drugs are bad for the people and society.

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