Friday, March 4, 2016

March 4- Blog about someone who fascinates you and why...

Someone that fascinates me is Donald Trump. And what fascinates me about him is how good he is doing. That being said... get ready to move out of the U.S! Here is a Picture of him brought to you by Julio Torres
Antonio: "You did..."
Julio:*Does what it says in the video*
Antonio: *Laughs to hard he dies by lack of oxygen*
Anyway, Here is why...
That Up their... says how many Mexicans are in the U.S, Now...  know that it was in 2013, but think about how many are here now! Facing the fact that he wants to take away/move all the Mexicans without papers back to Mexico. I am wowed, that people actually agree with Trump. If he has good Ideas... then I don't know... but he is something. Donald Trump... if you are reading this... then I didn't mean it XD! This is about someone who fascinates me... and that is also why!

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