Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 19 - Blog Challenge Finish the sentence: "If I could choose a time to live, it would be __________________."

If I could choose a time to live, it would be in the future. I say this because they will have robots that would do everything! (Even take down the human race) Their would be tubs that will fill up on their own. Their would be fast, and free Wi-Fi, no-one would starve to death because everyone would have food to spare so their would be a community buffet. Their would be more homeless shelters to help those who are more in need. Their would be no more suffering of sickness because we would already find a cure. No more sad dog/cat/animal abuse commercials. RPG will actually be... you playing INSIDE of the game! This would be way better! Their would be a way for people to get money/get affordable insurance... Trump won't be elected presidents because of the robots. And the FLDSMDFR will actually be a real thing! (sunny with a chance of meatballs invention reference) These are some of the reasons of why I would want to live in the future... but think about it. 1 second ago when you started to read this... it was the past, and now you are living the future... therefore I say that their is no "present" unless you refer to it in a monthly, weekly, yearly, or era type of way.

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