Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12 - Blog Challenge Currently I'm... Reading... Eating... Loving... Hating... Smelling... Thinking...

I'm reading After Ever After. I'm reading this because of of B.O.B! (Battle, Of, the Books) Which I currently don't know where I left it (Great job!) so I was reading it!
I'm Eating NOTHING! Because your not allowed to eat with your computer out. So this question is "a trap" (Click "a trap" to see the "it's a trap" thing and learn the truth about smoking)
I'm Loving IT! (High-Fives my self!) I am! Because their was this 2=$5 Big Macs! (Fatty!) (HEY! DON"T CALL ME THAT!) (EAT AT MCDONALD'S MUCH?!?)  (I HAVE NO TIME TO TALK TO YOU! YOU BULLY!) (AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?!) (I'M GOING TO REPORT YOU ON STOP !T) anyway... yeah... there's my pun and joke for the day!
I'm Hating nothing. Hate is a strong word.. just like love. (NOT! I AIN'T GOING TO GO INTO THIS STUFF) I am currently hating spiders, because I saw this spider in the ceiling of my room right? So I go to the closet to get my shoes (Because I ain't going to slay a spider with my Jays...) so then when I came back the spider was gone! So I was like ....this....I'm out....this...I'm out....yeeaaahh, i don't what the.... just happened! So... that's what I'm hating
I'm Smelling the smell of burnt pancakes. (I'm doing this after I ate... so HA!) That's it.
I'm Thinking, if I forgot to do any homework.
THANKS! I guess that's it!

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