Friday, March 11, 2016

March 11 - Blog Challenge Write about your favorite article of clothing (post a pic if you can). Describe it. Explain why it's your favorite.

I have so many that I would list them
1. The sponge bob meme here -->
This one of my favorite pictures because it is so true! This is me when I think about something for a minute and the teacher starts asking questions. This was also me in 4th period when we were taking notes and I was thinking about pancakes.
2. This meme right here-->
This is another favorite picture. This is another relatable picture because many people are like... I went to the mall, or I went to this place. And I'm like... bro! I just went to the park. Anyway, this is relatable in my point of view... which is Why it's in my top 5! It's in my top 5 (five) because it's relatable, it's funny (if it isn't for you... then... this might not be funny at all for you) , and also... IT"S SpongeBob! Who doesn't like him?! This is my conclusion to Meme #2!
These are some of the memes/pictures that are my favorite... more to come... but these are just a few!

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