Friday, March 4, 2016

Blog 11, Reactoin to Release

     Chapters 18 and 19 were really intense. We learned about the failure which was Rosemary, and we end up knowing that she signed up to be released. Then in chapter 19 we learned what "release" is... it's when you are injected with some sort of liquid and then... die. I myself didn't feel anything (I don't know how... but I fell messed-up!) And I felt (in chapter 18) that the story that they gave Rosemary was great. It had what every super villain had (not saying that she's bad or anything...) a sad backstory and then something in the process that makes them go berserk and do a action that inflicts the area/community on them and in this scenario it was killing suicide. Well... it technically was suicide because she said that she wanted to inject herself in... and she did. I felt like they did a good job at making the story sad... well... at least somewhat sad.
Some Random Person: "Chill,"
Me: "OKAY!!!! ERG, I mean... okay."
     The community is messed up, it's possessed! Jonas, you're community is possessed sorry >u<! The community decided... oh they look like each other... instead of putting them elsewhere or in different communities lets just kill them and put them in a carton. (Well, that's what I think because I got confused when the book mentioned a carton.)This is what I think about the community. I say that the way that they control the climate, clear the landscapes so that it will all be flat, make everyone equal, and even take away memories! Not to mention that they do everything for you! SO YES! This society is messed up and it deserves to come to it's end.

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