Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Carrer Choices

          One positive thing about getting your job pick is that you will get you're stressed released. Many people are having trouble picking out jobs that they can do, especially now that you take note of the economy right now. Some people don't even have jobs, but the fact that they pick it for you can be like lifting the weight of you're future off you're back and into the people that pick it. The job that you get can determine how it will effect your life. If you're an animal trainer then you have the risks of animals rebelling and attacking you. If you get a job when you earn very little then that would determine you're health, you're shelter, and you're way of living. Take note that this is a world where everything is so... "happy". The people that pick out you're job (future) watches what you do. This can be proven because of what happened to the main character's (Jonas's) dad. He also volunteered to help out the little ones and thus the "elders" (I think is what you call the people that choose you're job) picked him to be a nurturer. Also that you also have that huge 97% of getting was you want (a very big chance). This can be proven because in chapter 1 (near the end)/chapter2(somewhere in their) the father of Jonas said that you would get a huge chance of getting want you want, their is a very slim chance of getting something that you're not going to like. In conclusion this is why I think that getting you're job/career chosen for you is a good/great thing!
          One negative thing about getting you're job picked out for you is that the fact of why people would even have the nerve, to pick out what you want! You should have the option to pick what you want! What if you get that very slim chance? You would get stuck doing something that would make you forever miserable. You could become something that you also feared... a mail man! I'm not saying that Mail men/women (Gender OKAY!) is bad, or boring. You can be that one person that is on the complaint call line so when you get mad you let all your anger at them even though they are just doing their job! Another Reason why it isn't good to have people chose you're career is because what if there is a profession that you secretly had but never bothered to show anyone? What if you were in science 24/7 but actually did that for a grade of something. Even though you hate it, you do it every single day, yet you prefer music! Atlas, since you use your time in science (which you hate) you have to do science for the rest of you're life :(. This is Why I think that it is a bad Idea from people choosing you're career.
          The fact that you need to do you're job (career) means that you will have to sacrifice some minor (or big) things in you're life. Such as when Jonas's mother was taking to him about him not being with his friends but instead being put into a group of people that have the same career of Jonas. This and also that he can not be volunteering for service or anything like that. Another thing that could be affected by you getting a job when you're twelve is that maybe you just aren't mature, or prepared to have two things to do, 3; if you count being a teen. You have to deal with you're body changing, you're school, and you're job. Unless you have this rule/they have a rule that school is shorten or something. BUT IF THERE WASN'T ANYTHING THEN THAT WOULD MEAN THAT YOU WOULD BE LIVING A TRIPLE LIFE! This is what I think would affect people from the group of 12s, they would have to deal with so much... who knows if they get any help? In conclusion, this is what I think about the question "What do you think it would be affected if they got their jobs at the age of 12"!

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