Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog Five: Choices, choices

    I will chose to be in our world. This because throughout the time people need to know what they did wrong. It’s just like something that a etcher said one time… if you copy the answers, then you won’t learn as much as from when you make errors. Thomas Edison made 1,00 attempts at inventing the light bulb. If he was told how to do it then he wouldn’t learn what he had to do. 1D was rejected from the X-Factor because they thought that they didn’t have that thing to making it big, and it turned out that they made it big in music! It’s about the journey, not the destination. Sure… maybe the U.S did almost blow ourselves up… but we learned from them! We get to pick whenever we want to get our objects, we don’t have to have 9 years to get a bike, for 8 years to get a type of jacket, or 11 to have the requirement of doing service hours.

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