Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog 9: ...Imagine...

In the song Imagine  by John Lennon I think that the point of the song ia to talk to the world about his vision of the perfect world. He wants "the world to live in one" which means that he wants all the people in the world to get along. "Some might call me a daydreamer" saying that people might think that he is just thinking out loud and saying that it will never happen, or that he is over his head. The meaning to the song in my point of view is the belief and the struggle that his little voice wants to make a spark in the world so that they could all live in perfect harmony, in a perfect world.
     I think that this relates to the Giver because in what we left off it seems as if Jonas ditching the pill and throwing it away looks like that isn't the only thing that would be break-en. We left off in a climatic like scene in the book when you see how the memories that "The Giver" gave him is taking affect. Jonas is now seeing and want to change his community but he can't... for now >u<. This also relates to "The Giver" because

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