Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blog 4, Unity through community...

    Enforcement of conformity can create unity… but I think that the unity wouldn’t be all that great. If they want people to be somewhat the same then wouldn’t they all be “the same”? What if some guy was like “Let’s send a bomb to some continent!” All the other people would agree, instead of thinking about the bad and the good. The society would be like that one Sponge Bob Square Pants when Sponge Bob turned into “normal” in the episode “Not Normal” which can be found if you click the word click. Anyway… everyone won’t have ideas, or different beliefs, or anything! It would be the same, old same old, just like in the other episode of sponge bob that it’s when squid-ward moves into a place where it’s just “squid-wards”, which you can see if you click this click on me! It wouldn’t be fun, it’s like everyone was jelly… if their is some peanut butter, and bread, then that would make make something cool! Or like the syrup, with the butter, and the pancake! This is what I mean about the society being the same old same old! This is how I think that the community’s enforcement of conformity also create unity… but in a bad, and boring way.

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