Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog 9: ...Imagine...

In the song Imagine  by John Lennon I think that the point of the song ia to talk to the world about his vision of the perfect world. He wants "the world to live in one" which means that he wants all the people in the world to get along. "Some might call me a daydreamer" saying that people might think that he is just thinking out loud and saying that it will never happen, or that he is over his head. The meaning to the song in my point of view is the belief and the struggle that his little voice wants to make a spark in the world so that they could all live in perfect harmony, in a perfect world.
     I think that this relates to the Giver because in what we left off it seems as if Jonas ditching the pill and throwing it away looks like that isn't the only thing that would be break-en. We left off in a climatic like scene in the book when you see how the memories that "The Giver" gave him is taking affect. Jonas is now seeing and want to change his community but he can't... for now >u<. This also relates to "The Giver" because

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Blog 8; Freedom

Blog 8: Freedom
How is one of the freedoms granted by the Preamble supported or challenged in today’s society?  (Use the freedom that you discussed in your small group.)
Ensure domestic tranquility, and cops. One of the freedoms granted
by the Preamble supported or challenged in today’s society are cops. Cops are also what we picked in our article. To ensure our safety from ourselves and from the people around us we needed and now have cops. They ensure our protection and our justice to people in need.
  How does your answer to the previous question reinforce or challenge your belief in that freedom?
My previous question answered affects my belief in freedom because of some cops. You see videos on the internet about when cops misbehave and all. To see a funny video click this "link" to see what I mean. Keep in mind that some people make use of this and offend cops so they would act a certain way cropping out the part of when they were offending the cop. It challenges this freedom, because of so many people that abuse of it, or take it to seriously.
 Explain how this "freedom" is portrayed in The Giver.
This freedom is seen in "The Giver" as in when you need to report stirrings, or talk about you're dreams. Or when you miss pronounce a word like smack instead of snack. They ensure you're safety and you're person in general by discipline and/or maybe but just maybe... "release!"

Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog 7: Jonas' POV Change

Jonas' P.O.V is changing throughout the community more than others because of his assignment. Him seeing and knowing about the past memories changes about how he sees the world. The fact that they don't have any of the items such as sleds, snow, and sunlight is really in aw. This can show us what society has done. Especially when "The Giver" tells Jonas that we don't have any of that anymore because of the way that it affects crops... so people controlled the climate, "The Giver" described it as climate control. He's devolving all of these feelings of so far some of the five scenes, touch, taste, and sight! He is getting this brought to him by all of the memories that "The Giver"gave to Jonas.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog 6: New Chapter Title

The Number that Was Skipped

I chose the Chapter's name "The Number that was skipped" because you find out that each child gets a number, and that number will be called up against and the person with that number would be given their assignments. Such as when you go somewhere and you have to wait, you pick a number, and you wait until that number is called. Every 12 get's called, except for Jonas. This causes Jonas to think about what he did wrong, or what happen.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog Five: Choices, choices

    I will chose to be in our world. This because throughout the time people need to know what they did wrong. It’s just like something that a etcher said one time… if you copy the answers, then you won’t learn as much as from when you make errors. Thomas Edison made 1,00 attempts at inventing the light bulb. If he was told how to do it then he wouldn’t learn what he had to do. 1D was rejected from the X-Factor because they thought that they didn’t have that thing to making it big, and it turned out that they made it big in music! It’s about the journey, not the destination. Sure… maybe the U.S did almost blow ourselves up… but we learned from them! We get to pick whenever we want to get our objects, we don’t have to have 9 years to get a bike, for 8 years to get a type of jacket, or 11 to have the requirement of doing service hours.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blog 4, Unity through community...

    Enforcement of conformity can create unity… but I think that the unity wouldn’t be all that great. If they want people to be somewhat the same then wouldn’t they all be “the same”? What if some guy was like “Let’s send a bomb to some continent!” All the other people would agree, instead of thinking about the bad and the good. The society would be like that one Sponge Bob Square Pants when Sponge Bob turned into “normal” in the episode “Not Normal” which can be found if you click the word click. Anyway… everyone won’t have ideas, or different beliefs, or anything! It would be the same, old same old, just like in the other episode of sponge bob that it’s when squid-ward moves into a place where it’s just “squid-wards”, which you can see if you click this click on me! It wouldn’t be fun, it’s like everyone was jelly… if their is some peanut butter, and bread, then that would make make something cool! Or like the syrup, with the butter, and the pancake! This is what I mean about the society being the same old same old! This is how I think that the community’s enforcement of conformity also create unity… but in a bad, and boring way.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog Post 3... What if?

               What if... what would happen if we didn't know what happened to our history. History is one of America's best things we have! We need to learn from our mistakes... if we are all perfect... then what do we do now? Isn't life's propose to make goals... and reach them? Or is it like a video game; complete the whole thing, delete the memory, and do it all over again. Isn't it about making bonds with people that you care about... putting others needs before yours? Like the turtle said in Kung Fu Panda quote- "Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, and today is a gift, which is why it's called the present."-Unquote. Yesterday's history, now if we didn't know what we did then it would be like Beyoncè once said quote-"we woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this happen..." unquote. If we forget what happens, then won't we know what we accomplished? Won't we forget were we live, who we are? Would it be like we had a bad case of amnesia? Would it be like that one movie with Adam Sandler called "Fifty First Dates"? Here is a quote I came up with...-" Life is like a sharpie, once you make a line, a flaw, a mistake... you can't undo it. As many times as you try to use white-out or some other things... under all those layers of attempts to undo it... it will still be their... waiting for you to learn what you did wrong"-unquote.
               I agreed with all of these people! Except for Malena. Especially when she talked about humans now a days not making fire. We use fire for ovens, microwaves, skillets, and other appliances that we use for heating food!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two Words Coliding

The setting of "The Giver" is as if it took place in China. I say this because you can only have two children.  The fact that they put speakers everywhere means that they have a very strict leader that want people to do what they want them to. Also not to mention that they call themselves sevens, or twelves, they put themselves in a category. Not Mexicans, Americans, and all of that. Also they said that it was a rule to talk about you're emotions during/after the evening. Now why would you do it if no-one was watching but you're family? My theory is that they have cameras and audio thingies  to see what you're doing or talking about all of those aren't what our community is like. Those where all different. (Not to mention that they have no other life species, this because of when Lily, Jonas, this because of when )

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Carrer Choices

          One positive thing about getting your job pick is that you will get you're stressed released. Many people are having trouble picking out jobs that they can do, especially now that you take note of the economy right now. Some people don't even have jobs, but the fact that they pick it for you can be like lifting the weight of you're future off you're back and into the people that pick it. The job that you get can determine how it will effect your life. If you're an animal trainer then you have the risks of animals rebelling and attacking you. If you get a job when you earn very little then that would determine you're health, you're shelter, and you're way of living. Take note that this is a world where everything is so... "happy". The people that pick out you're job (future) watches what you do. This can be proven because of what happened to the main character's (Jonas's) dad. He also volunteered to help out the little ones and thus the "elders" (I think is what you call the people that choose you're job) picked him to be a nurturer. Also that you also have that huge 97% of getting was you want (a very big chance). This can be proven because in chapter 1 (near the end)/chapter2(somewhere in their) the father of Jonas said that you would get a huge chance of getting want you want, their is a very slim chance of getting something that you're not going to like. In conclusion this is why I think that getting you're job/career chosen for you is a good/great thing!
          One negative thing about getting you're job picked out for you is that the fact of why people would even have the nerve, to pick out what you want! You should have the option to pick what you want! What if you get that very slim chance? You would get stuck doing something that would make you forever miserable. You could become something that you also feared... a mail man! I'm not saying that Mail men/women (Gender OKAY!) is bad, or boring. You can be that one person that is on the complaint call line so when you get mad you let all your anger at them even though they are just doing their job! Another Reason why it isn't good to have people chose you're career is because what if there is a profession that you secretly had but never bothered to show anyone? What if you were in science 24/7 but actually did that for a grade of something. Even though you hate it, you do it every single day, yet you prefer music! Atlas, since you use your time in science (which you hate) you have to do science for the rest of you're life :(. This is Why I think that it is a bad Idea from people choosing you're career.
          The fact that you need to do you're job (career) means that you will have to sacrifice some minor (or big) things in you're life. Such as when Jonas's mother was taking to him about him not being with his friends but instead being put into a group of people that have the same career of Jonas. This and also that he can not be volunteering for service or anything like that. Another thing that could be affected by you getting a job when you're twelve is that maybe you just aren't mature, or prepared to have two things to do, 3; if you count being a teen. You have to deal with you're body changing, you're school, and you're job. Unless you have this rule/they have a rule that school is shorten or something. BUT IF THERE WASN'T ANYTHING THEN THAT WOULD MEAN THAT YOU WOULD BE LIVING A TRIPLE LIFE! This is what I think would affect people from the group of 12s, they would have to deal with so much... who knows if they get any help? In conclusion, this is what I think about the question "What do you think it would be affected if they got their jobs at the age of 12"!